About Us

"Tricycleblend" was founded in Hong Kong in 2015 as an online shopping platform to meet the growing needs of contemporary shopping culture and to enhance quality of living. "Tricycleblend" achieves this through its meticulous crafts and designs, persistence in quality, and concept of affordability; hence providing consumers with versatile yet simple, and fashionable yet timeless pieces.
The spirit of the brand is exemplified by the year 1968, when the founder was born.  It was an era marked by experimentation, innovation, and specifically, tricycles. Revolving around the notion of a tricycle, the brand strives for mix-and-match styles of fashion which would allow for self-expression, and lead to higher standards of living and levels of enjoyment.
The business model of Tricycleblend is balanced by the 3 elements:
1) Versatile, Fashionable, and Classic:  
  • The brand provides consumers with contemporary fashion and classic pieces which allows for mix-and-match styles to maximize self-expression and satisfaction.
 2) Affordability, Superior Quality, and Longevity:
  • The brand strikes a perfect balance between price and quality to create the idea piece that is affordable and suitable for our customers.
 3) Customer-oriented, Service, and Timeliness:

The brand is consumer-oriented and aims to provide excellent customer service. Orders are delivered in a timely manner, and enquiries met with professionalism to ensure a smooth and pleasant experience for our customers.